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Frequently asked questions

What is eBag ?

eBag is Php-MySQL based solution for small and medium companies and factories for effective handling administrative tasks using the browsers to gain access to central database over a local network or the internet.

Who is eBag intended for ?

For small and medium companies, factories.

What are the minimum system requirements ?

eBag requires Php5 (>=5.2.3 with OpenSSL support) and MySQL. For getting the best performance and safety APC memory cache extension is recommended.

Is eBag free for download and use ?

Yes, eBag is licensed with AGPL version 3 license and it is free for download and use.

Is eBag multilingual software ?

Yes, eBag is multilingual software. At this moment english, hungarian and serbian translation are available.

Is eBag stable software ?

Despite the several years of development eBag is still in beta phase, and infrequently you may encounter unexpected results or errors yet.

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