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Version 9.0.0.b release notes 
  • Multiple base installations support
  • Updated jquery to version 3.3.1
  • Important security fixes
  • Session garbage collector bug fixed
  • Minor bug fixes
Version 8.0.0.b release notes 
  • Added command line updater script
  • Fixed quoting non-alphanumeric strings in ini files
  • Fixed setting phase related bonuses
  • Migration scripts moved into separate directory
  • APCu user cache implemented
  • Fixed no GD support caused errors
  • Fixed contact quick search pagination
  • Fixed salary bonuses calculations to MTS
  • More stable session management
  • Fixed double submitted logins
  • Important security fixes
Version 7.0.1 release notes
  • Fixed summary by customer bug
  • Added ignore_notices error handling conf. option
  • Updated jquery to version 3.1.1
  • Minor bug fixes
Version 7.0.0 release notes
  • Minimum inventory levels support
  • Updated jquery to version 1.12.1
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Lucky number 7
Version 6.0.1 release notes
  • Fixed smtp mail function redeclaring bug
  • Updated jquery to version 1.11.3
  • Minor bug fixes
Version 6.0.0 release notes
  • Mobile phone login support
  • Rtl languages support
  • Fixed and improved backup functionality
  • Updated jquery to version 1.11.2
  • Allowed tax free (tax=0) items
  • Added partially delivered purchase order
  • Hidden chat window to save system resources
  • Removed one phase only once restriction
  • Added auto-finish option to production close form
  • Added semi-monthly payroll processing
  • Added specific artical & service bonus calculating
  • Added Google Maps link to contact details
  • Added print empty inventory sheet option
  • Printing other character sets via changeable fonts
  • Column width definitions separated by languages
  • Comments column added to invoices and salaries
  • Fixed invoice change related bugs
  • Fixed unicode usage for usernames and passwords
  • Fixed incorrect filename in download window
  • Fixed inventory quantities not showed in lists
  • Fixed unset year data in change forms
  • Fixed form data reloading after error message
  • Fixed stockorder all items are deleted
  • Fixed production order linked to order no. 0
  • Fixed mail(s) sending errors
  • Improved command line
  • Minor bug fixes
Version 5.0.0 release notes
  • The ability to use stock items as parts in production
    has been added
  • Fixed invoice update critical bug
  • Fixed bar codes font file not found bug
  • Fixed upc-e bar code right guard bug
  • Fixed browsers cache reloading bug
  • Fixed contacts quick search type bug
  • Updated Jquery to 1.11.1
  • Minor bug fixes
Version 4.0.1 release notes
  • Fixed option copy bug in working hours, mail and feedstock request view for Chrome, Opera and Safari browsers
Version 4.0.0 release notes
  • Added sick leave 100% salary calculation option
  • Fixed salary settings read bug in calculations
  • Fixed invalid js reference in new salary view
  • Changed logo and favicon
  • Changes in readme.txt
  • For upgrade from previous version read migrate.txt
Version 3.0.7 release notes
  • Added exchange button in service and artical details
  • Fixed incorrect unit selection in service change
  • Increased time limit in login script
  • Added notice about master password in installation.
  • Bug fixes in bar code generator view
Version 3.0.6 release notes
  • Fixed current discount cannot be set
  • Fixed login page not redirect to https bug
  • Fixed cannot be changed secure port bug
  • For upgrade from previous version read migrate.txt
Version 3.0.5 release notes
  • Fixed scrollbars in calendar and calculator window
  • Fixed logged users list sorting
  • Restricted access by robots
Version 3.0.4 release notes
  • Fixed changed year is closed bug
Version 3.0.3 release notes
  • Safer configuration file handling
  • Fixed timings contact type bug
  • Fixed summary window width bug
  • Css fixes for linux version of chromium and opera
  • Added SEM Labs Free Web Design Icon Set link
Version 3.0.2 release notes
  • Fixed order to stock price is null critical bug
  • Fixed enter by order form bug
  • Fixed add item to order to stock bug
  • Fixed all permission can be unchecked bug
  • Fixed creating new phase after finished
  • Fixed feedstock request print bug
  • Fixed list logged users bug
  • Fixed incorrect integer value at upload bug
  • Fixed web.config
  • Important security updates
Version 3.0.1 release notes
  • Fixed incorrect collations
Version 3.0.0 release notes
  • Added internal production order (produce to stock)
  • Added possibility to produce supplies
  • Added quantity in production to supplies
  • Safer session management
  • Added possibility to use without apc cache
  • Changed base installation procedure
  • Removed persistent mysql connection
  • Timezone is set always (if is set in the php.ini)
  • Improved printing and file downloading procedure
  • Fixed base defragmentation bug
  • Fixed list & search elements order
  • Fixed no blowfish support cause login bug
  • Fixed bug in contact quick search pagination
  • Changed quick search width & data handling
  • Fixed quote cause broken html bug
  • Fixed smtp server tls connection bug
  • Fixed delivery address on invoice bug
  • Fixed contact change second delivery disabled bug
  • Fixed printed service list second delivery bug
  • Updated Jquery to 1.8.3
  • For upgrade from previous version read migrate.txt
Version 2.0.2 release notes
  • Changed/Improved usage statistic
  • Fixed calendar window width & height
  • Language changes
Version 2.0.1 release notes
  • Language change bill to invoice
  • Invoice/bill search bug fix
Version 2.0.0 release notes
  • Removed one tax for all services and articles limit
  • Added installation procedure
  • Bug fixes (quicksearch, price list, backup)
  • Because of base changes unfortunately this version is no longer compatible with previous versions
Version 1.0.5 release notes
  • Fixed incorrect collation bug
  • Fixed quick search frame height
  • Fixed ajax requests persistent connection bug
Version 1.0.4 release notes
  • Added unpersistent connection in configuration
  • Fixed sessionid max length 32 chars bug
  • Bug fix in home view
  • Moved configuration loading into login file
  • Fixed reminder window height
Version 1.0.3 release notes
  • Added EAN-8, EAN-13, UPC-A, UPC-E bar code
  • Added https/http mode
Version 1.0.2 release notes
  • Added Hungarian translation
  • Added Serbian (latin) translation
  • Changed VAT value handling
  • Bug fix in expired claims list
  • Bug fix in creating bills by service list ID
  • Bug fix in login.php view
  • Bug fix in production order details view
Version 1.0.1 release notes
  • First release

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